Olyvia & Nicholas: The Village at Boulder Ridge

No surprise here…but worth saying anyway. You can tell a lot about a couple by the vibe of their wedding and watching their friends and family. You can plan a wedding to be an exact certain way but at the end of the day the couple sets the tone for everything. You could FEEL the love everyone had for Nick and Olyvia. Two sweeter couple you couldn’t find, or a stronger one. They bodybuild together at their local gym and naturally, they flexed for a shot in their fancy clothes because that’s just how they roll.

Did I mention how much fun this was?

From a shirtless flower boy to some epic entrances to a wedding party that all ran up (and down!) a huge hill – should be noted no one fell which was incredible – this crowd was a blast.

Nick and Olyvia wishing you all the best for a lifetime of happiness. I have no doubt there are so many fun and amazing memories just waiting for you.

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